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February News & Tips:

Virtual Reality – Way Beyond Games! If you thought Virtual Reality was for gamers, you‘d be right.  And sure, games will become more awesome and engaging, but good money says the immersive experience of VR may well represent what will become a universal, transformative technology in medicine, sports, film, business and all aspects of our lives… Read more »

December 2015 News & Tips

  Holiday Scam Alert We’re confident you know a distant uncle in Nigeria never left you a million bucks. But, better watch out! It’s the year’s most active time for consumer scams. And forgo using debit cards online for the time being. It’s easier to deal with a protected credit card provider than to deal… Read more »

February News & Tips: Win10 Free & More

Windows 10

Windows 10: New. Improved. And Free to Win 7 & 8.1 users Is Windows 10 what Windows 8 shouda’ coulda’ been? Early reflections say yes, maybe. Microsoft’s recent press event which introduced a Win 10 technical release, teased not only the OS, but the shifting sands of Microsoft strategics. The giant was, perhaps, humbled by the disastrous… Read more »