Proactively Protecting Your Security

SiteVision’s physical assets are designed to protect you
against environmental and data security compromise:

  • Tier 4 Colo Data Center restricted access with guest escorts
  • Proximity card and biometric access system.
  • Recorded CCTV interior and exterior surveillance
  • monitored Intrusion and motion detector alarm systems
  • Climate controlled environment
  • Monitored fire detection and suppression controls for smoke, heat, and fire.
  • Dedicated HVAC Systems for climate control
  • UPS systems, and multiple, dedicated redundant generators in tandem
  • Locked equipment cages with restricted access.
  • Physically segregated, locked, colocation servers
  • Redundant servers for critical systems.
  • Monitored, SOC audited, third-party data center for hosting disaster recovery services

In addition to hardened physical assets, SiteVision also offers
comprehensive standard & customized data security options:

  • Server Antivirus endpoint protection with continual updating and daily scans
  • Multiple active/passive firewall systems with automatic failover
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) with automatic updating to deter and mitigate known attacks & protocol anomalies
  • SSL encryption, site to site VPN tunnels
  • Custom backups of critical application and database components.
  • Offsite backup storage
  • Custom Enterprise Uptime monitoring with alerting
  • Sensitive data encryption services
  • Redundant internet connections
  • Monitored patch release and distribution
  • Hosted Email services with Antivirus and spam filtering
  • Physically segregated production and Development networks.
  • Vulnerability assessment tools (VAT) to help evaluate and act on identified vulnerability risks.
  • Custom Replication/Mirroring services