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SiteVision News & Tips November 2013

 IN THE NEWS Win 8.1 Arrives – Boot To Desktop and Sync. It’s kind of ironic that Microsoft managed to annoy nearly everyone with Win 8, and has now spent the past year compensating for the havoc it wreaked. This is not to say there aren’t some real improvements in 8.1. Most reviewers feel it’s a… Read more »

SiteVision News & Tips October 2013

IN THE NEWS The iPhone 5s. What’s Not To Like? While the new iPhone 5s has a lot to like, to some, it feels a bit, well, er, rushed, perhaps. To others, it’s near perfection. As of mid September, about 6,500,000 new owners are testing its mettle and the reviews keep coming. Like earlier iterations,… Read more »

SiteVision August News & Tips


IN THE NEWS Online Hacking. You Are A Target. Congratulations. You haven’t been hacked yet. The bad news? You probably will be. While online companies promise to keep your information private, recent history suggests it’s pretty much an empty promise. Think Zappos – about 30 million accounts hacked. Living Social – 50 million. Oh, and… Read more »

Was Your Password Hacked Today?

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”3446″ align=”left” size=”small 150 width” autoHeight=”true” quality=”90″] UPDATE:  Whoa! Facebook says hackers try to steal your stuff about 600,000 times daily. A more recent example: Zappos online store was hacked and hackers gained information on 24 million customers. Living Social about 50 million.  While full Zappos customer credit card information wasn’t compromised, all… Read more »

SiteVision News & Tips

Win 8.1

  IN THE NEWS Win 8+ – Prettier, Friendlier, But Will You Fall In Love? [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”5130″ align=”left” size=”small” quality=”100″] The Microsoft Build Conference revealed that perhaps, just perhaps, Microsoft gets it. The traditional MS corporate narcissism – so apparent in the release of Windows 8 – was universally criticized. The new build of… Read more »

June News & Tips From Sitevision

Lots To Like In Your New IceWarp Email! With a new, inside-out redesign, your new IceWarp Email Client aims to please!   For starters, a new graphically appealing and intuitive log-in page allows for company branding and personalized colors.  The same look and feel welcomes users with large LCDs, tablets, in any browser of choice. Other… Read more »

SiteVision News & Tips: May 2013


New Rules for SiteVision Email! To comply with Anti-Spam regulations and standards: As of April 16, new passwords must: be at least 8 characters long and contain a capital letter, lower case letter, and number. By now, you are surely aware of our new email account requirements, limits and password requirements.  It’s become a really critical issue… Read more »

SiteVision News & Tips: iOS Gains Market Share, Internet Taxes Soon?

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”4923″ align=”left” size=”Small 150 width”] iOS Now Gets 58% Share of the Mobile Enterprise Market Although Apple’s operating system has increased share, according to Citrix (who aggregated data from its customers), there are some caveats.  Where business is communicating with consumers directly, such as in retail, IOS has maintained, even increased, its lead… Read more »

More Java Breaches, Fixes, New Phone Tablet . . .

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”4776″ align=”left” size=”Small 150 width” quality=”100″] Java Problems Ongoing.  Are You At Risk? As we outlined last month, the serious flaws in Oracle’s Java7 were enough to set the industry abuzz with criticism.  Since our last newsletter remaining flaws in Java7 permitted attacks on Facebook and Apple, though the companies claimed no customer or… Read more »

January News & Tips: Securing Your Android Device & More

Happy New Year! As we welcome the advent of 2013, each of us here at SiteVision wishes you and yours a joyful, rewarding and prosperous year!  If you have suggestions about how we can improve our existing services to you, add new services, or improve our help and support,  we welcome your input!  You can… Read more »