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SiteVision April News & Tips


Windows 10 Summer Release & Free To All This issue we’re focusing in on Windows, because lately the news is pretty much all about, you guessed it: Windows 10, and for good reason. While newer form factors munch away on traditional MS marketshare, Windows OS PC shipments worldwide still accounted for some 400 million new… Read more »

March 2015 Newsletter

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: New Rules of the Road Love it or hate it, the die is cast. The FCC has ordered that broadband providers are a telecommunication service and therefore a public utility with certain rules of the road to ensure consumers fast, fair and open access to the content of their choice. According to the… Read more »

New SiteVision Data Center Upgrades Give Customers a Powerful Speed, Security and Environment Boost.

Fiber-Optic Backbone

ROANOKE, VA January 20, 2015:  A powerful new SiteVision data center is now in place – good news for customers. The infrastructure upgrades and enhancements improve overall stability, power, internet speeds, environment and security – a win-win situation for all SiteVision customers. The infrastructure enhancements create a new primary facility with a separate optional backup… Read more »

December 2014 News & Tips: Holiday Tech

ferrari la ferrari

Holiday Tech From Fantasy To Nearly Free! Each December we try to lighten up and find tech gifts to smile about – or buy depending on your budget. This year we won’t even talk about Smartphones. The November issue highlighted the most popular, but there’s a plethora of great phones out there at all price… Read more »

SiteVision News & Tips November 2014


Windows OS: A Long, Slow Slog To Perfection? It’s really hard to get excited about an OS that has failed consumers and business in so many ways. But maybe there’s hope. Windows 8.1 got a boost in adoption from 6.7 percent in September to nearly eleven percent in October. And, yes, soon there’s to be… Read more »

October 2014 News & Tips

Windows 7: October 31 Cut-Off Date As of October 31, 2014, Microsoft will no longer supply PC partners and system builders with copies of Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and/or Ultimate to preinstall on new PCs. Both consumer and business users may have concerns over the lifecycle cutoff date posted at Microsoft. Business users… Read more »

Sitevision News & Tips June 2014

Massive eBay Hack. States Investigating Most people at some point in their digital life have shopped Ebay, set up a password, credit card, username and the like. A week or so ago, eBay announced an enormous hack: some 145 million accounts, and urged users to change their usernames and passwords. Hint: even if you have… Read more »

February 2014 News & Tip

Securing Your Content Management Website Important Tips & A SiteVision Option Websites are generally built to display information in the form of content, and in the last decade managing that content has become much easier due to the widespread use of a Content Management System often abbreviated as “CMS”. The most popular CMS by far… Read more »

January, 2014 News & Tips

News & Views As the biggest, splashiest,  electronic show on earth gets underway (CES), “whatup,” as the saying goes.  We think it’s safe to say – smart everything.  Just about everything you use will get smarter, well, at the very least, get a chipset to do stuff you really need,  or stuff you don’t, but… Read more »

December 2013 News & Tips

Gifts & gizmos for the holidays.  IT looks ahead to 2014.  Google Voice for Your Chrome Browser . . . News & Views Google Adds Voice To Chrome Browser If you thought that using Google Now voice commands was a smarty-pants way to talk to your smartphone only, Google just changed that. A new voice… Read more »