About SiteVision

A 20-Year History of Excellence


A Message From Patrick Maddox, President, and CEO

At SiteVision we are passionate about creating solutions for others that make their life better. We excel at integrating your business process to develop a user-optimized, sustainable solution. Whether you are looking for a content management system or full-blown enterprise application, the foundation is always the same. Who is the end user? What is the desired result? Pay attention to detail. Keep it simple and ergonomic.  I take real pride in a hosting and development team that is always ready to go the extra mile to get you honest answers and optimal results.  While we all own suitable business attire, you will likely find us circling the problem-solution matrix in casual dress and fierce determination! 


In addition to our development crew, hosting customers will find a professional team dedicated to providing superior service throughout the hosting process.   Our goal is your complete satisfaction from provisioning through final setup and ongoing support.  A fiber-optic backbone and cutting-edge security measures give us an optimal environment for your hosting requirement, but as with our development team, the guiding rule is that of tailoring a solution to meet your specific expectations and requirements.

We will always be fair, knowledgeable, honest and professional while striving for a relaxed and comfortable environment both within our organization and in our business relationships.

Fortunately, we have a great crew with a knack for rendering the complex intuitively. With our depth of experience in enterprise hosting, multiple industries and in all development disciplines, we can help you create solutions with purpose and clarity.  You can always call or contact us without obligation!

Our Values

  • Exhibit integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, accountability, and professionalism in all we do.
  • Exhibit creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in our work product.
  • Develop intuitive applications that demonstrate empathy, logic, and simplicity during the development process as well as in delivery to our customers and their users.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Cultivate a positive culture and purpose within our organization that results in attracting highly skilled and talented team members.